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With CopyNet Copytrading, you can avoid spending countless hours developing your own trading strategy by automatically copying top traders.

You can earn passively without any prior trading experience or skill by choosing from the best trading professionals.

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How to copy traders on CopyNet

Choose a Trader

Search for traders by performance, assets, risk score, and more

Set an amount

Choose a total amount for the copy — the proportions are calculated automatically

Click Copy

Click the “Copy” button to start automatically copying the trader’s positions

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You’re in control

When you use CopyTrader, you still retain full control over managing your portfolio. Choose one trader to copy, or up to 100 simultaneously. You can stop the copy, pause it, and add or remove funds at any time.

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Want to try CopyTrader without risking any capital? Try it in demo mode. Every CopyNet account includes a free $100,000 virtual portfolio for you to practice with.
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We’ll help answer your questions so that you can get started copy trading today
How long must I trade before using real funds?

You can trade with the virtual portfolio for as long as you deem fit; however, you cannot withdraw profits made using your virtual portfolio. So don't spend too long over there. Make a deposit as soon as possible so you can begin making withdrawals.

Are there any deposit charges?

There are no deposit charges on our end; however, you may incur some transaction costs that payment gateways may require depending on your payment option and region. On our end, we add no additional charges on deposits.

How many times can I make withdrawals?

You have complete control over your funds. You can make as many withdrawals as you want. You are only limited by the amount of funds you've accumulated over your trading period.

How many times can I make a deposit?

You are allowed to make as many deposits as you want. You are also allowed to top up your account and increase your trading stakes whenever you choose.

What payment option is available in my region?

We have various payment options. You can deposit using PayPal, Perfect Money, CashApp, Crypto, Bank transfer, etc. Find out what works in your region and use that. Don't hesitate to contact our support unit if you don't have any options available here.

What happens if I experience any difficulties on this platform?

If you ever experience any difficulties while trading with us, don't hesitate to contact our customer support unit. We are available 24/7 to ensure you have the best trading experience you can find anywhere in the world.

What if I want to work as an affiliate?

If you want to earn by trading with us, contact our support unit, and we will broker a partnership deal that works.

How can I trust CopyNet?

Don't take it from us; check out the feedbacks from various users who have tested and trusted our platform. Also, we take security very seriously. All users are mandated to verify their email addresses. This helps to keep you safe. Also, we are a registered company here in the UK. Our company number is 14285005, registered as COPYNET LIMITED in England and wales. You can always verify.